3 days of Sankranti and Pongal celebration

3 days of Pongal

In North India Makarsankranti is 1 day festival. In morning people cook Khichdi, offer prasad in temple. Kite festival is organized.
In South India Makarsankranti /Pongal is 3 day festival.
First day (One day before Sankranti) is for cleaning. It is referred as Bhogi. Also people pray Lord Indra for providing rain.
2nd day is Pongal. This is main day. People pray Lord Surya to help in harvesting. 2nd day is called Surya Pongal
3rd day is for Cattle. People thank cattle to help in harvesting. 3rd day is called Kanumu Pongal. On 3rd day people give bath to cattle, decorate their horns and deocrate them with flowers. Many people worship cows. In the evening of 3rd day races are orgaized for bulls to draw carts and to draw big stones.