Happy Sankranti


  1. Happy Sankranti
  2. Sankranti mangalmai ho!
  3. Lets thank sun for burning himself to save us.

     Lets thank plants sacrificing their life for us Happy Sankranti to all

    May 1st festival of year 2012 bring happiness in your life.

    Wish you and your family a very HAPPY Sankranti

    May this Sankranti bring prosperity to you and loved ones

    Happy Sankranti ! Happy Indian new year!

    May God gift you all the colors of life,colors of joy,colors of happiness, colors of friendship,colors of love.Happy Sankranti..

    The words alone cannot say . Best Wishes! With love on Sankranti...

    Hope you rejoice in the charm of your tradition! Wish you and your family a very Happy Bogi Sankranti, Surya Sankranti,Mattu Sankranti!

    Wish you success in everything you do on auspicious Sankranti

    You might be far away but let all your loved ones feel the warmth of your love Happy Sankranti

    Best wishes on the happy occasion of Makara Sankranti and Sankranti. Have a wonderful day

    Make you special with this Sankranti Happy Sankranti

    Wish Sankranti bring in good luck,joy,love and Prose perity for all Happy Sankranti..

    May the blessings of the season full fil your dreams Happy Sankranti

    Enjoy the Festival with sweetness of Happiness dipped in honey -  Happy Sankranti!!!

    Wishing you and your loved one a very Happy Sankranti. May the almighty bless you all with the best of health, wealth n prosperity.

    • May this festivit season bring Peace and Prosperity into your Life Happy Sankranti...